The firm

The firm

Since its establishment, Ηatzidakis engineering firm has grown from a small group of architects and engineers to an experienced firm, which entails consulting, designing and the construction of building projects.

Our engineering firm specialises in:

  •   architectural designs:

our aim: to create the best living conditions for the human, whether a residential, a commercial or an office space, according to the appropriate usage of light, air and  geometry.

  •  structural designs

our purpose: to ensure the safety and cost-effective solution in new buildings and the reinforcement of old buildings.

  •  project supervision

our purpose: to accurately implement the plan and the project management.

  •  project contractors

our aim: a refined quality and punctual (on-time) construction of new buildings and restorations.

  • survey projects

inside and outside urban areas.



Minas Chatzidakis


Born in Heraklion Crete at 1950. Graduated the civil engineering school of NTUA at 1973.


Nikolaos Chatzidakis


Born in Heraklion Crete at 1984. Graduated the civil engineering school of Cardiff University at 2006. Collaborates with Hatzidakis engineering firm from 2009.


Maria Chatzidaki


Born in Heraklion Crete at 1985. Graduated the architecture school of De Montfort University at 2012 since then collaborates with Hatzidakis engineering firm.